Courgette Seeds - Eight Ball Variety - 10 Seeds

Courgette Seeds - Eight Ball Variety - 10 Seeds

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Who doesn’t love courgette? A star in many different reciped and such a tasty addition to many a dish. Now that you can grow your own courgettes though, those dishes are going to be so much tastier. What’s more these are pretty cool ball shaped – great for cooking a stuffed courgette.

We’ve carefully chosen a variety called Eight Ball which You’re not sure you can do that. We believe in you. You can do this. You can grow your own carrots and we’re here to help.

To help you find vegetable plants to grow at home, we carefully chose a variety called Eight Ball which:

  • Germinates quickly and easily
  • Grows to a pretty funky round shape
  • A lovely forest green colour
  • Doesn’t sprawl like some courgette so work in pots
  • As the leaves grow upright it helps you to see and pick the courgettes
  • If you pick the fruit regularly it will continue from 7 - July to _10 - October
  • Veg you can grow indoors
  • Veg to grow in an apartment
  • Easy for growing vegetables in a small garden as well as a large one

The sooner you plant the seeds the sooner they’ll grow. Don’t regret not starting your home grown veg adventure today!

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We’re working every day to help everyone who is interested in growing vegetables at home. We help you to find veg you can grow indoors, vegetables to grow in an apartment and we’re here to help those growing vegetables in a small garden. We’ll show you the easiest vegetables to grow, and give you veg seeds and starter packs so you can start your home grown veg adventure today. Please let us know if you have any ideas or questions.

🌿 How to grow Courgette – Eight Ball from seed 

  • Sow around 1cm deep in a pot or tray of moist seed compost 
  • Put in in a propagator or cover with polythene until seedlings appear (5-8 days) 
  • When they have a few true leaves transplant them to bigger pots (around 2l) 
  • Harden them off for ¾ days 
  • Plant them out in mid-late May after last frost has passed 
  • Keep them well watered  
  • These can even be grown in grow-bags or containers if the soil is good and they’re kept well-watered 
  • Pick them when they get to about 10cm round