Onion Seeds - Hybound Variety

Onion Seeds - Hybound Variety

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The mighty onion. Something that seems so simple and yet makes every meal better. Now imagine how much better your home cooked meals would be when you’re using your own home-grown onions. Oh yeah, now they’re rocking!

What’s more they’re pretty easy to grow and we’re confident you can do this!

We’ve carefully chosen a variety called Hybound which:

  • Is high yielding and has lovely brown bulbs
  • Tastes great and has long-storage potential

The sooner you start growing them, the sooner they’ll grow so don’t regret not starting today.

🧅 How to grow Onion from seed 

  • Sow your seeds in a pot or tray of seed compost, try and space them around 1cm apart 
  • Cover it with a thin layer of compost and pop the pot or tray in water to moisten 
  • When the seeds are a few inches tall transplant them to fresh compost 
  • Once they’re pretty well established you can transplant them where you want to finally grow them (put them around 10-15cm apart) 
  • Water your seedlings thoroughly after transplanting  
  • Keep them watered, especially if the weather is dry 
  • Enjoy!