Swiss Chard - Bright Light Seeds

Swiss Chard - Bright Light Seeds

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If you want to put your veg patch on Instagram, you’re going to have to get this veg. These are some of the best looking veg out there and the name “bright” will not let you down. You’ll get a real rainbow of colours with reds, oranges, pinks, creams and yellow golds.

What’s more this is on the easiest veg to grow.

We’ve carefully chosen a variety called Bright Lights which is:

  • Wonderfully coloured
  • Super easy to grow
  • Is a prolific grower and has a long-cropping season
  • Will tolerate poor soil and innatention
  • Is deliciously mild and packed with nutritional content

First varities of chard can be traced back to Siciliy. Growing these will certainly help you travel to exotic lands.

The sooner you plant the seeds the sooner they’ll grow. Don’t regret not starting today.

🌱 How to grow Swiss Chard Bright Light from seed 

  • Sow your Swiss Chard between March and August 
  • Swiss chard like to be in well prepared, moist, fertile seedbed in full sun or partial shae 
  • Sow them thinly at 1cm deep around 30 cm apart 
  • When the seedlings pop through thin them apart for “baby leaves” and around 15cm/23cm apart for mature plants 

Keep them nicely watered and watch them grow.