Broccoli Seeds

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This broccoli is going to blow your mind. As soon as you've tasted your home-grown purple sprouting broccoli, you won't go back.

All your life you've thought that the broccoli in supermarkets was broccoli when it was probably something called Calabrese. This real broccoli, which has smaller heads, and 5 - Maybe purple, is going to taste so much better.

Grown initially on the wild shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this has been considered a uniquely valuable food among Italians. You're about to discover why.

We've carefully chosen a variety called purple sprouting early which is:

  • Easy to grow
  • A Hardy winter vegetable

The taste of you're purple sprouting broccoli, which turns green when cooked, is sweet and delicate and melts in the mouth. It's one of the tastiest vegetables out there.

These should be sown between mid-4 - April and 6 - June.

The sooner you plant the seeds, the sooner they'll grow. Don't regret not planting them today.

🥦 How to Grow Broccoli from seed 

  • Choose where you want to grow this broccoli, you can grow it in a container or in the ground (it likes partial-shade) 
  • If you’re going for a container, fill it with good soil 
  • As it’s now April, you can plant these directly outside  
  • Sow the seeds 1.25 cm deep and rows should be 15 cm apart  
  • Keep them well watered  
  • When you start to see the seedlings, you can thin them out (around 60 cm apart)  
  • Re-plant them with a hole around 2.5 cm deep 
  • Water them a little for the first few weeks