Curly Kale Seeds

Curly Kale Seeds

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As we discovered more about the nutritious benefits of the superfood kale, it has become all the rage. The next trend is now home-grown kale which is much better value for money and so much fresher.

These are great for steaming, boiling or frying or the raw leaves can be used as a colourful garnish.

We have variety called curly kale which is an easy-to-grow hardy veg which can also be cut and will keep growing.

The sooner you plant them, the sooner they’ll grow, so don’t regret not starting today!

🌿 How to grow Curly Kale from seed 

  • Sow your seeds thinly (around 1cm deep) in rows around 15cm apart 
  • You can sow them between March and June 
  • When the seedlings get a bit bigger you can thin them to around 7cm apart 
  • Once your lovely seedlings have around five or six true leaves (i.e. the leaves that look like the plant leaves not general seedling leaves) you can transplant them 
  • Water them well the day before you transplant them 
  • After you transplant them make sure they have plenty of water and leave around 40 cm between plants  
  • Water them well in dry weather and keep the soil rather moist 
  • Watch them grow and enjoy! 

Just be careful birds love Kale so you may want to cover them with netting or fleece