Organic Cress Seeds

Organic Cress Seeds

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Take one second and be willing to change your mind. Cress is a salad leaf that’s easy to grow, has some great flavour and grows so quickly it helps to fill the gap when other crops are just getting started. If you let cress grow a bit longer you’ll start to get some leafy growth which could help you rethink cress in your life.

It can be harvested all year round and add flavour to salads, sandwiches and omelettes. This one grows might fast – that’s why it’s called sprint.

The sooner you plant them, the sooner they’ll grow, so don’t regret not starting today!

🌿 How to grow Cress from seed 

  • Fill a small pot or tray with about 1cm or moist compost (you can also put a few layers of damp kitchen towel in the bottom) 
  • Scatter the cress seeds over the surface (try to get them around 3-5 mm apart) 
  • Keep the soil or kitchen towel moist but not too soggy or you’ll rot the seeds 
  • To keep the surface moist you can cover the seeds with a layer of paper 
  • Keep them in a nice warm location (room temperature works) and for the moment away from direct sunlight  
  • After just a few  days the seeds will germinate and you can remove the paper and move them to somewhere with good sunlight