Sage Seeds

Sage Seeds

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Sage is a great herb which can be used to add flavour, in soups, with beans and can be used with fruits in vinegars. The flowers can also make a beautiful garnish. What’s more, going back to the Latin routes of the word which mean “I heal” or safe, herbal tea made from sage leaves can have a calming effect and are said to improve digestion.

The lush leaves can be added to meats and stuffing but also looks really great in it’s planter.

The sooner you plant them, the sooner they’ll grow, so don’t regret not starting today!

🌱 How to grow Sage from seed 

  • To give them the best start in life find some pots or seed trays to put your seeds in 
  • Fill the pots with good soil  - make sure it’s only barely moist 
  • Cover the seeds with fine compost 
  • Put the seeds in a propagator or seal in a polythene bag until the shoots come through (7-16 days) – basically they like to be warm to start off (around 15-20oC) 
  • When the seedlings are large enough transplant them to their final space and grow them in cooler conditions 
  • You can put them outside once the risk of frost has gone (but do give them a week or so to get acclimatised)  
  • These can be sown between March and May