Parsley Seeds

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The mighty parsley, one of the most popular herbs and so versatile. The legend goes that the Greeks dedicated parsley to Persophone, goddess of the underworld. Now we're dedicating it to you.

The goddess/god of your own home-grown kitchen you'll be able to grow this mighty herb and benefit from all its nutritional power.

You're not sure you can do that. We believe in you. You can do this. You can grow your own carrots, and we're here to help.

We carefully chose a variety called Moss Curled which:

  • Can grow in a variety of areas
  • Is perfect for a kitchen windowsill
  • Has enticing green curled leaves
  • Will be super tasty fresh cut, dried or ground
  • Award-winning from the Royal Horticultural Society

The sooner you plant the seeds, the sooner they'll grow. Don't regret starting today.

How to grow Parsley from seed

  • Choose a pot to put the parsley in, if possible, with some drainage holes
    (you can put a saucer underneath)
  • Fill the pot with good soil
  • Sprinkle a few seeds in and cover with 0.5 cm of soil
  • Choose a nice sunny spot to place your parsley
  • Water the seeds regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy
  • Turn the pot every few days, so it doesn’t lean into the sun
  • Let us know when you plant it and if you’ve got any questions