Perpetual Spinach Seeds

Perpetual Spinach Seeds

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Imagine that Wednesday evening, you’re half-way through the week and you’re trying to cook something super tasty, healthy and quickly but mainly something tasty – you need to get through the rest of the week. Imagine now you’re doing that with your very own home-grown spinach. Now we’re talking!

If you’re not sure you can grow your own spinach, we’re here to tell you, you can!

We’ve carefully chosen a variety called perpetual spinach – ok we’re cheating a little. This isn’t officially a spinach but it’s very similar and has some great qualities. This one is a relative of chard and that’s probably why it’s so easy to grow. The reason why you don’t see it in the supermarkets is simply because it needs to be picked soon before eating. It’s actually a fantastic veg.

Perpetual spinach:

  • Is one of the easiest and most productive veg for a small space
  • Virtually never runs to seed in the first season
  • Grows reliably for quite a long time in the garden
  • Responds well to repeat cutting
  • Has won a RHS Award of Garden Merit

This perpetual spinach has a succulent taste and can be eaten raw or steamed with other greens. It can be used in quiche or lasagne and the steamed stalks taste something like mild asparagus. What are you waiting for!

The sooner you plant the seeds the sooner they’ll grow. Don’t regret not starting today.

🌿How to grow Perpetual Spinach from seed+ 

  • Sow seeds in early spring and/or autumn 
  • Sow them thinly in drills around 3cm deep and rows around 30cm apart 
  • When the seedlings grow a bit you can thin them out to about 20cm apart  
  • Enjoy!