The Growing Urban Story

Growing Urban was founded with a resilient spirit and a budding dream: to help anyone grow food, flowers and greenery, whatever space and know-how they have.

Growing Urban starts to help city people home grow food, flowers and greenery.

It was founded by Victoria Collins, frustrated by the challenge of growing food and flowers in a city flat and inspired by the opportunities.

She found that choosing what to grow, where and how was not simple, especially with limited space and rented places. She knew there had to be an easier way.

Driven by the vision that growing more food, flowers and greenery could help our planet, our air and biodiversity as well as people’s health, finances and wellbeing, she created Growing Urban.

Discovering that more than 80% of the UK live in cities, and globally over 60%, she knew that her conviction to start in cities was the right one.

Growing Urban is on a mission to green our cities, improve our wellbeing and bring our communities closer together. 🌿

Join the growing revolution!