Brexit Survival Small Kit - Just seeds & tea

Brexit Survival Small Kit - Just seeds & tea

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During these uncertain times, we've put together a Brexit Survival Kit so you can grow your way out of these strange times. 

As the UK government negotiates with the rest of Europe, we don't know what we'll be able to buy and sell from overseas and how much it will cost. 

Never fear, here's a pack to help you get grow your own urban farm, right in your back garden. 

This kit includes 5 carefully chosen vegetable seeds and tea to bring you calm. 

What's more, we'll donate £1 of each box to The Trussel Trust working to stop UK hunger and poverty

This pack contains:

5 x vegetable seeds

1 x tea bag for emergencies (fully compostable)

Vegetable seeds include: 

Spinach - Perpetual Spinach
Lettuce - Salad Bowl
Radishes - Cherry Belle
Swiss Chard - Rhubarb
Beetroot - Botlhardy 

(Also doubles up well as a Pandemic Survival Kit).