Coriander Seeds

Coriander Seeds

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When you first see the green shoots push through, you're going to be so excited. Next time you're cooking something, and you add some coriander to that curry or as a garnish picking it yourself is going to be so much better.

 This one is so easy; we know you can do it!

We've carefully chosen a variety called Leisure which:

  • Is easy to grow
  • Works ok in slightly shaded areas
  • Great for window planting
  • Goes to flower later (that's a good thing)

This coriander will give you:

  • Large flavourful leaves
  • Superb quality
  • A taste similar to parsley but with a citrus hint

These are so easy you can plant them until 9 - September.

The sooner you plant the seeds, the sooner they'll grow. Don't regret not planting them today.

🌱 How to grow Coriander from seed 

  • Choose some pots/jars/small tubs to put them in, if possible, with some drainage holes (you can put a saucer underneath)  
  • Fill the pot with good soil  
  • Sprinkle just a few seeds in and cover with 0.5 cm of soil  
    (depending on your pot size you’ll might have enough for a few) 
  • Choose a nice sunny spot to place your herbs 
  • Turn the pots every few days, so it doesn’t lean into the sun 
  • If you’re growing coriander inside, thorough watering is more important than frequent watering. Water until the water comes out of the drainage.