Grow Your Own Hot Chilli Peppers

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Grow Your Own Hot Chilli Peppers

Easy to grow your own fresh hot chilli peppers! Great for beginners and more green-fingered gardeners.

These are great if you like it hot hot hot, and can go up to 70,000-80,000 Scoville Heat Units to be precise. If you like things hot you cannot pass by some home grown hot peppers to grow on window sills or patios. Home-grown fresh is the only way to go!

This little box which is great for your own treat or as gift for someone else.

What's in the box
- 10 x Hot Pepper Apache Seeds
- 1 Small explanation about Hot Chilli Peppers
- 1 Soil peat-free quality soil pellet
- 1 x Wooden plant marker

What makes our box different is our quality, sustainability and approach to community
- our seeds are sourced from quality UK suppliers (if you have any issues let us know and we'll replace the seeds for free)
- our packaging is plastic free, we've carefully considered each element from the box to the stickers
- our soil pellets are chosen for their quality and because they are peat-free and biodegradable, so better for the planet
for every pack you buy, we'll give a pack of seeds to a community garden

We hope our small little touches will bring a smile to your face.

Our mission is to help more people grow food and flowers whatever space you have. Come and join us!